No Fees. On ANY ATM.

Unlike other banks, we charge NO ATM FEES to our customers. No Fees, On any ATM, anytime, anywhere in the United States. FREE ATMs? Guess that makes your neighborhood bank your get cash anywhere bank.

Experience the Civic Bank & Trust Difference

Do the words personal service, one-on-one relationships, integrity, security and transparency come to mind when you think of your bank? And let’s not overlook that word “trust”. As in trusted neighbor and friend. A bank you can turn to for help. A bank that looks out for your best interests.

Come meet us and experience the Civic Bank & Trust difference.

We’ll make the transition to Civic Bank & Trust smooth and effortless. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to handle all the details for you. We’ll work for you to switch your direct deposits and to get your on-line bill pay accounts ready to go.

Our personal and business bankers are ready to assist you.
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Dangers of Public WiFi

Alert_logoIf you think you are safe to use public WiFi, think again. You could end up revealing your private information if you are not careful. Criminals can hack into public WiFi that is not secured with a password or even worse, create their own
“free” public WiFi. They wait for someone to log in and watch everything they are doing online. They can even steal files off your computer.

Learn more in our Security & Fraud Resources