Want a bank that believes in your business as much as you do?

Responsiveness.  Integrity.  Personal, one-on-one relationships.

Those are the things small business owners say that matter most in a bank.  And, we agree.

For example, big banks rely on computer models to determine whether to approve a loan. We rely on you.  We get to know you, so we can base decisions on who you are. That’s not transactional lending; it’s relationship lending. And, because we make all decisions right here, we can process loans quicker than just about any bank around.

We can also customize a loan or rate to suit your needs. After all, it’s not our money. It’s yours. Our job is to make it work harder for you.

Business Bankers

Call any of these officers for an appointment at your convenience.

Pam Theis

Vice President

Retail & Small Business Banking

(615) 620-8108

Mark McCoy

Vice President

& Relationship Manager

(615) 620-8085

Mary Bennie Wilson

Vice President

& Relationship Manager

(615) 620-8104

Jonathan Whitehurst

Assistant Vice President

& Relationship Manager

(615) 620-8098