Social Media ID Theft

Social Media is an easy way for identity thieves to gain your trust and ruin your credit, drain your bank account, and cause you years worth of headaches. PC Wold magazine reported 1/3 of social networking users have at least 3 pieces of information on their profiles that identity thieves can use. That being said, are you a target for social media identity theft?

√ You mention you are out of town or on vacation.

√ You list your date of birth, hometown, relationship status, affiliations, or interest on your profile.

√ You check in to businesses or have your location services enabled.

√ Your profile is set to public.

√ You have your phone number, address, or email listed on your profile.

Actively using social media puts you at a higher risk for identity theft but you can lower your risk by being cautious about what you post. Protect your privacy by keeping personal information off your profiles, most importantly, your public profiles. Always research any unsolicited offers and unusual messages from your “friends” before sending money. If you suspect you have been hacked, change your passwords immediately and check your credit report.