Evacuation Box

Are you financially prepared if a disaster strikes? The best way to make sure you are prepared is to create an evacuation box. This box should be stored in a fire and waterproof box, in a safe location, and easily accessible in the case of a disaster. Here are our recommendations for what to put in your box:

  • Copies of passports, driver’s license, social security cards, birth certificates, adoption certificates, and marriage certificates
  • Copies of home, car, disability, life, and health insurance cards and policies
  • Copies of car titles
  • Credit card numbers and creditor phone numbers
  • Written lists and photos of valuables or home inventory
  • Financial records including stock and bond certificates, mortgage records, wills, and deeds. Also keep a backup of computerized financial records.
  • User names and passwords
  • Emergency phone numbers including doctors, pharmacy, insurance company, family, friends, work, and school
  • List of debt obligations, due dates, and contact information for creditors
  • Past 2-4 years tax returns
  • List of current prescriptions and dosage amounts
  • Health records
  • Records of major home repairs and remodels
  • Enough cash to live on for at least 3 days

Disaster can strike at any time and it’s always best to be prepared. Do you have any other suggestions of what to keep in your evacuation box?